Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees ...

 One of the nicest things about doing a tree for the Primary Children's Hospital's Festival of Trees Fund Raiser, is that when you are done you get to wander.  Its fun to see the amazing creativity in our community, and even more fun to talk to the big hearted artists who are happy to share their experiences.  Above is our group in front of our completed tree.  Below are the trees I liked best during our 'walk about'.

What's not to love about the snowman tree?  The one to the left was so fun, I just loved the colors and overall arrangement.

 This lovely pastel tree looks good enough to eat ... but my very favorite part is the tree skirt.  Super simple cut out of felt with polka dots glued on, and bells at the points, but SO charming!

This tree is an advent calendar.  To the left is a frame with all the numbers 1 to 24 ... matching numbers are on the tree.  Also note the adorable ruffled tree skirt!

 I loved the overall busyness of this tree, and there in the middle is a reminder of what  the whole season is about.  I loved that.  (Note that the tree is not finished, thus no tree skirt yet.)

Lime Green and Cherry red ... reminds me of a fresh lime!! Yummy!! 

I liked the delicate frame work around the tree above, like a giant doily!!
 To the left is a tree that is all metal framed with greenery added, then decorated ... lovely tree!

The tree above is our next door neighbor at the Festival.  The kids decorating it were a lot of fun.  Their main ornaments are license plates that have been collaged to make words.  How fun is that.  The whole theme celebrates our award winning ski industry here in Utah and includes lots of ski passes too.  Note the skis that form the 'star' of the tree.

I have saved my favorite for last.  This tree is one of the metal yard ornaments that were popular a few years ago, like the moving lighted deer.  Not sure you can even buy them anymore. 
 Carolee Spencer, the decorator, did the tree in honor of her husband who passed away this past year.  Many people dedicate trees, as we did, to a friend or family member.  It just seems right to celebrate the life of a loved one this way.  I think this tree is an exceptional memorial, and would like to thank Carolee for allowing me to photograph it, and if I can find a wire tree, to copy it some time.  Its so charming. 
I hope you enjoyed the pre-tour of the trees at the Festival.  I will be attending the festival this Friday ... its such a magical place.  If you are local and want to drop by, my tree is number Q-17, and Carolee's tree (shown above) is number D-04 ... have fun!


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    I'm glad you visited because I happened to find you again.

    I love this post of all the trees! I agree, the pastel colors make me think of candy. YUMMY! And the tree skirt is absolutely adorable.

    Have never been to an event like this. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Paula ~ I went tonight with my sister-in-law and it was amazing! It was crowded, but so much fun! I saw your tree and it was beautiful and I noticed that I took alot of the same pictures that you did including a closeup of Jesus picture on that lovely tree. I'm going to do some blog posts on my favorites so watch for it. I took TONS of pics! xo