Monday, February 25, 2013

$3 Bargain Easter Wreath!

 I have been enjoying the month of love so much, that I hate to take down Valentines decor ... but with Easter next month, its time!! 
This sweet wreath took a whole package of coffee filters to make.  I stacked three together, then pinched them into flowers and used a hot glue gun to attach them to a vine type wreath from the dollar store.

Then I chose these antique Easter postcards from the huge selection available on Graphics Fairy.  I tried to choose designs that would allow me to add the glue and glitter letters, swirling them around the designs, as you see.  Next I cut them out, and glued them onto old manila tags, adding rickrack and trimming the bottoms.  I used old silver garland to suspend the tags, figuring it would bring out the silver glitter of the letter.  I am pretty happy with this simple wreath ...  and what a bargain.  $1 for coffee filters, and $1 for the wreath base, the few tags, hot glue, glitter, and colored ink together were less than a dollar, I am sure, for a total of $3!!
 Welcome Spring and Easter, with all its chicks, birds and bunnies ... Now if I could just have something other than snowy forecasts, I would be perfectly content.


  1. OMG! are making me crazy! Last year I made some of your paper mache Easter that Wreath! And the beauty of it is I already have everything here to make it! Can I say I love you without being creepy? Probably not! =D

    1. Thanks Shirley, you are just the word crafter, which I already know from following your blog, but you always know how to make a girl feel good!! ... not creepy at all! Glad you like the wreath, because you have such great taste!

  2. I've been wanting to make a coffee filter wreath for a while now. You've inspired me! Yours is adorable. Mimi