Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedgwood Blue and White for Decor!

Hello blog land friends ... I thought I would take a moment and share a display booth at the antique mall that I did with another dealer last month.

I thought it turned out so crisp and yet romantic, that I wanted to save it in my 'archives'.  Of course the colors make one think of classic Wedgwood, the perfect color scheme for January!

When she decided we should change out our store's Christmas decorated booth, she wanted to go with all white, but sadly, or perhaps gladly, yummy old shabby white painted furniture has been so popular that we didn't have enough of it to fill this booth.  Then she thought by adding a couple of pale blue pieces we could pull it off.

What a happy accident, the blue and white painted furniture along with the blue and white pottery combine for such a happifying look!  Everyone who comes in comments, and we have been selling lots of goodies from it as well, which of course is the point.  The sweet tea set above found a new home today!

Thanks for coming by to take a peek!!


  1. I do love wedgewood blue. Such a pretty color! Sorry I missed the Acorn Show. Brenda wanted to go so she asked me to work at her shop. Maybe next year. Mimi

  2. The frontn booth looked really great today Paula! It was so nice to see you. Thanks for the chat and the stuff! xo