Friday, February 8, 2013

Shadow Box Memories for Rudolph!

I have been nostalgic lately, as you  know from my parents photo project that I did last week. So this week I decided to put together the shadow box for my Dad's college days that I have been planning for years. 
At flea.o.logy a few weeks ago I found this awesome letter sweater for the University of Utah, which is where my father did his undergrad work.
I had his pocket watch, shown in closeup below, which I thought would work well, and with a clock collage page I found on Graphics Fairy behind it, I thought it looked great.  I had also, previously, found a small Utah pennant, which I hung from the shadow box.
I just wish that I had the gold pin that he got in 1935 when he served as Student Body President ... but alas, when one is a member of a family with nine children, one just has to learn to share.  
I loved the small trophy, and thought it was perfect in front of the polo team shot, that makes up the middle section, especially cool, since the clip from his year book, below, mentions his desire for "...bigger and better polo awards."

I also found this cool small American Indian sculpture (above) to add dimension to the shadow box, since the Ute Indian is the mascot for the University of Utah.  The cool thing is that the Indian's name is on the base, and it is Black Hawk, who was actually a Ute Indian... Love the little details that sort of accidentally worked out.

I am in debt, as always, to Karen at Graphics Fairy for the cool graphics that I used to embellish the shadow box.


  1. Thank you for the great shadow box idea! You did a wonderful job. I have been in such a nostalgic mood the last couple of years. There are so many topics about my family history that I would like to post...sometimes I just need a little inspiration. I know I can get it from you! =D

  2. What an amazing job. I love all the special, nostalgic, meaningful touches. Thanks for sharing!


  3. You did a terrific job putting all your father's nostalgic things together!

  4. That's a wonderful tribute! I would love to do one for my Dad!

  5. Wonderful work.....have the family member that has the pin, place it on a copier and color copy.....almost as good as having the real thing....visiting from the graphic's fairy party.