Monday, June 3, 2013

Antique Glass Slides To Lamp Shade!

Time to dig out another project to complete.  I am so much better at collecting things to make projects, than I am at actually getting around to making the project.  I have been cleaning my craft room, though, and finding space for this ceramic lamp and the stack of antique glass slides with which  

I planned to make a shade for it, was cramping my space style, so I knew I needed to take it on.  I wired the 12 slides together, you'll note they have hollow channels on all sides.  Then I spray painted the lamp base.  After I had the shade mostly done, I stripped the old shade and cut off the assembly to mount it on the lamp.  I then wired the 'new' shade to the assembly.
Last of all, I found this cute camera graphic at Graphics Fairy to complete the look! And voila, cool vintageish lamp!

Thanks for stopping by to look at my project, I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. So dang creative! I love that Paula!

  2. This too cute and very creative!! Love it.