Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Displaying Funky Junk for Altered Art

If you are a long time follower you may recall that when I drove to Southern California last year for a flea market with some friends, we accidentally discovered a cool and unusual craft supply store for Altered Artists called Zinnia.  Ever since I have toyed with the idea of having a section of my space at the antique mall that had junk and goodies for crafters.

 This is the sign that I made today to hang in my new artistic junk booth.  Of course its really just a reinvented sign, having lived a former life with the slogan 'let it snow'.

I have had some such stuff for years, like old clothes pins, cookie cutters, antique toy blocks, sheet music, old photos, zippers with metal teeth, buttons, silver plate flat ware, and glass doorknobs, etc, but they have always been scattered over the 5 booth spaces I rent at the mall.  Now they are coming together.  Its been super fun, as I always love a project.

 I was lucky enough to find four gallon jars at an estate sale last weekend, but they looked drab and utilitarian.  So even though I am just using them to display junk for sale, I thought it would be fun to keep in the spirit of reinvention and altered art.

 These cute old photos of girls in vintage costumes came from Graphics Fairy, and I have used some of them over and over.  Karen always has such great stuff!

Here they are all filled and ready for their trip to Treasure's Antique Mall in Springville!


  1. Yes! That is the sort of thing I am looking for when I go to antique stores and flea markets...stuff for crafting! There is a vendor that has stuff in jars and sews buttons to children's makes it easier to display and fun to look at. Sometimes there is so much "stuff" that it is hard to focus...especially on the small things. Love it, Paula!

  2. I love all of your crafty ideas! Looking forward to seeing these in person hopefully soon!

  3. Cool looking jars! Great job!