Friday, June 21, 2013

Colored Glass Mosaics

 Today was a serendipitous day in many ways ... but one of my favorites was that I got a call at the Antique Mall where I work from a lady who wanted to sell some old windows.  She lives in my little town so I made arrangements to meet her after work. 

I found out that this is what she does with old windows.  She glues colored glass fragments to them to make colored glass mosaics.

 What a talented woman Tiffany is.  The designs are all her own, though she does do some custom work that included collaborative consultation.

 Most of the glass she uses is dug and collected at old dumps.  The one to the right is her favorite.

She sells her work on etsy, definitely worth taking a peek!
This cat and balloon composition is a collaboration, and is probably my favorite.

 She is shown above with another work of art ... the mural to the right was done with her mother in her daughter's room.   Whoa!!

 Happy mosaic stepping stones dot her garden path ... oh and she has some serious gardening skills as well.
And just before I drove away, I had to snap one more picture.

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