Friday, June 14, 2013

Patriotic Pennants

 I am a little behind hand with my summer décor.  I did a photo shoot of patriotic items I was selling for an online boutique group I belong to this week, and had to take the spring wreath off my front door to do it ... ooopps
So its time to dig in.  I think an important part of celebrating our freedom, is to celebrate those we love who helped make it possible.  The picture to the right is my husband's grandfather, Milton.
Yep, todays project is another banner.  This one is patriotic, and has pennants for each of the men closest to me, who served in the military.

 I also made up a couple of faux 'family member serving in the military' flags.
I even embellished a couple of antique post cards that I found on Graphics Fairy that had patriotic themes.  I added glitter, trims, patterned papers, ribbon, stickers, wood letters, and vintage pins on each of the service men's pennants.

 The other two family members I included on the banner are my father, shown here to the right...
 and my husband, who served in the National Guard during the early years of our marriage.

Thanks for coming along and seeing another of my funky banner crafts ...  I went to another historic home tour today, and one of the homes had several banners in the décor, lets just say I had that 'kindred spirit' kind of feeling come over me suddenly.

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  1. Your banner looks really sweet. It's such a great way to show your treasured family.