Monday, April 21, 2014

Better than Restoration Hardware!

 We had a lovely weekend in Idaho with the northern grands, celebrating Easter and attending a touring broadway company's rendition of my favorite play, Wicked... (Which was amazing of course)

On the way home we gave a ride to the relative of one of my daughter's Brittany's friends, who needed a ride from Boise to Salt Lake ...

Luckily for us, she is staying with a very talented brother-in-law, who was willing to share the renovations on his historic down town SLC home ....

It was amazingly and greenly renovated, with many repurposed items for a great industrial look.
 Love the corrugated steel as a shower surround ...

 and the factory caged lights above the sink.
 The entertainment is the unburied foundation stone, and historic cement.

The vintage typewriter shows of a back drop of 100 year old cement.

The table was purchased as a table, but they flipped the top over so they could use the unfinished side ...

The fridge has colored fiberglass sheeting attached with double sided tape ... such an awesome look!

 A European antique buffet and hutch were placed behind the bed as a head board.  Love it!!
 The floor of the master bedroom and the hall leading to it are made of bleacher boards that were planed down, and then screwed directly onto the cement basement floor.  They left small gaps between and use a vacuum to clean the floor ... its beautiful!  The entire house is nothing short of amazing.  I loved every inch, even though it is the antithesis of my own home,  I was charmed.

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