Monday, April 28, 2014

Flea Market Booths That Will Make You Drool.

 Let the flea season begin .... I am in heaven, last Saturday I got my introduction to 2014 junking at one of my favorite flea markets, Fleattitude, held at a wonderful historic building in Pleasant Grove ... to start is Jenn's booth, one of  Fleattitude's talented founders!

 Next in line is the booth hosted by Reclaimologist and Other Crafty Chick founder, Shannon ... Adore this banner!!

Then onto my favorite booths anywhere, Two Pits of a Pear .... and guess what?  They are headed to Farm Chicks in June!  They are amazing, I almost wish I wasn't going to Canton's First Monday Trade Days the first of June so I could go see their amazing booth, well, almost .... after all Canton is, well, First Monday Trade Days, the oldest continuous flea market in the United States, after all.

Then a couple more pictures back in Jenn's booth again.

 Of course, talented Christine of Vintage Yardsale Utah was there ... she's planning a women's retreat, please take note of her button on my side bar .... so much talents and so many wonderful projects!!

 Funny story, I put together pyrex bowl sets to sell at Treasures .... saw this stack, but noticed the $12 on the top bowl ... too much when you are putting together a set, but loved how the three equal sized bowls looked together ....
I later saw the happy new owner of the set, and told her I had thought of  buying them myself ... that's when she said she'd had to buy all three, but didn't really want the red one.  When I asked why she'd had to buy all three she said they were priced as a set at, $12 .... really?   Oops ... but at least I am the proud new owner of the red bowl.  :-)

 Another happy purchase was these tall cupboard doors from a historic bungalow ... can you say 'love at first site' ... I bought a set of 11 .... now what to do with them.  They are five feet tall and 18 inches wide.
 Met this couple in the parking lot on the way out ... the pyrex bowl full of antlers just made me laugh ... weren't they good sports to let a stranger snap their picture?  I thought so too, such camaraderie in junking!
Speaking of which, thanks to my cute friend Wendy for coming along to make the junking all that much more fun!!  She is such a doll!! Thanks friend!


  1. It is always so much fun to wander amongst all the offerings at the flea markets. But I can't imagine why she didn't want that red Pyrex bowl. Even if she had 2 others at home, couldn't she find a place for it? Maybe she was just being nice- and wasn't that nice for you!

    1. She actually said that her kitchen is pink and yellow, and that she didn't want the red bowl. Cool, the red one is the hardest of the primary set to find in good shape ... yes, it was nice for me.

  2. PS. I hope you'll enter my Homemade Soap Giveaway (if you're interested). No hoops and 3 winners. Ends Friday. And yeah, that red bowl is always hard to find because it's most people favorite.

  3. Thanks for the great write-up! It always great to see you and Wendy. Have fun in Texas!! I'm jealous!