Monday, January 26, 2015

Joanne's Valentine Cottage Decor

 If you are one of the hundreds that enjoyed perusing Joanne's cottage decorated for Christmas, I know you are going to love the Valentines edition!!

Joanne redid her cottage this week, and was kind enough to share!

 I love these decorated cones, they are so reminiscent of Victorian Tussy Mussys which I have always loved!

The sweet gown to the left is Joanne's own blessing dress ... I asked if her daughter had worn it, and she sent me a picture of the lovely gown they had worn, across the bottom of the bed, its the last picture in this post.
So very charming.  I'm thinking a banner made of cones would be charming ... hmmmm  

 ... and here is the bed in an alternate, brighter covering.   How sweet is the heart banner?

After seeing her original picture of the gown, she decided she needed a spot of color ... and made this banner ....  I have definitely got to make a new banner, I love this one.

And here is the promised blessing gown that her daughters wore as babes ... such a charming cottage, thanks for sharing with us Joanne ... you inspire me, but I am still waiting for the young man whose doing a shoot in my cottage to have his snowy day, so that I can redo it ... I know, just call me a copy cat ... (but please don't call me a dirty rat)

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