Friday, January 9, 2015

Magical Fairy Garden House

Pinch me, I think I died and went to heaven ... if so, they made a mistake, my mansion in heaven is made on a smaller scale than I am ...

Alas, it is the wonderful creation of fellow vintage lover and flea.o.logy customer, Joanne.  I follow her on Instagram and when I saw the picture below ...

I sort of flipped, I lost my dignity and begged for a tour ... Being the charming and gracious lady that she is, she consented.
Please don't think I was holding out on you by not sharing this before Christmas, I didn't go until just last week.  Fortunately for me she still had it decorated for Christmas!!

 The house itself is utterly charming, built for her now adult daughters, when they were children.  
The decor takes it beyond spectacular ... sorry about the superlatives ... I adore this sweet little house!

 Each detail seems nicer than the last!
 and these wonderful hankies and twinkle lights is going to be copied in my garden house, such a magical effect!!

 In fact I am absolutely determined to follow her lead, and add more vintage white goodness to my garden house!!  I just have to wait a bit, as I have an amazing photographer friend coming to do a shoot in my garden house for a project he's doing.  (Stay tuned for a fun blog piece on his work.)

The house is entirely lovely.  I hope to go back when she has redecorated and share that with you too, however, for now,

I will just share this picture with another setup that Joanne shared with me, of the off season!  Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talents with me and my readers, Joanne! 


  1. Oh it is so dreamy:) I would have done the same thing. lol
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. So glad you posted this! I pinned the pic of the outside the other seeing the interior! {{Sigh}} It's lovely.