Thursday, May 28, 2015

Booths at Treasures North.

Today a talented former dealer came into the mall while I was working to say he'd just moved into a new booth next door!  Since I work in the south store of our twin warehouse antique establishment, I just had to run over to check it out!!  Here it is!  (Above) Full of wonderful garden goodies!! 
Old friend Mike's booth always looks good too!! 
As does Chuck's. 

Of course Keith's booths are always the stars of the show!! 

might have gotten carried away.  Keith does have about 6 booths here at the north store. 

OK. This is the last of Keith's displays for now!! 
And this one is Lila's. She's a huge Pyrex fan and a fellow follower of Utah Pyrex Pirates on Face Book!! 
And last of all, here is my own recently redone booth at the north store... 
... In all its glory.   Thanks for coming along!! 

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