Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Squirreling It Away at the Acorn Antique Show

The Acorn Antique show was in Ogden last weekend, which is 100 miles north of my house, but I played my Mothers Day card and wrangled a date with Mr. Pollyanna.  This frilly (really!) deer head was a fav!! 

And the scalloped pink cake place was pretty cute!  I ran into the mother of this  mother-daughter duo, who share the booth, at Round Top lasting, if you recall me mentioning her!!  Always great stuff!! And super cute displays. 
This is Brenda's booth of Just a Bed of Roses fame.   
I always love her vintage goodies!' 

This cute booth belongs to Sherry, Carla and Denise, favorite Fleaology dealers who have just combined their super powers and started an upholstery nirvana  in Ogden called the C and S Co-op which you can find at 5798 S 1900 w suite A3

This amazing clock is all original and was in Mary and Fred's booth .... As long time Round Top dealers, it was fun to pick their brains for insider info for our fall trip!! 
Would have loved to have taken home this bronze of Joseph Smith, but even with a payment plan set up with sometimes Fleaology dealer John, the $3,000 price tag was just too weighty for my budget.  

And how sweet is this beautiful set of Haviland.  Ten years ago I'd have flipped!  

And I saved the best for last;  for your viewing pleasure check out Cathie and Fred's booth!

Just reviewing the dealers whose booths I shared and realized that all of them, save the Round Top dealers, have done Fleaology!!  In fact of dealers who did the Acorn show I have 7 of them coming to do Fleaology this weekend.  If your local don't miss their goodies!! It's 8:00 to 4:00 on Saturday. For more info Check out our blog. Fleaology.blogspot.com

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