Monday, May 18, 2015

Fairies Move Into 120 Year Old Well

If you saw the fairy garden I did in my last post with my granddaughter last weekend, you are prepared to see my newest addition to Fairy Land. 
This is what the old well looked like last Saturday.  It included statuary that's deteriorating, a dead rose bush, a wild climbing rose,  probably from the roots of the dead rose and English violets, that I encourage!
Here it is sans the dead rose... Just wish Mr P had been home to take a pic of me standing in the well digging out that old rose!!  
I added potting soil about 3 inches deep, then laid out the garden path and gravel stream ... 
I found these cute pottery fairy furnishings at the dollhouse festival last year.   This is a log couch and stump chairs. 
This is the cookie jar size fairy house and cute paving tiles. 
A closeup of some plants and the gazing ball. Here's a top view, below. I love how it turned out!! 

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