Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dealers at 3 Dotters You'll Love

What great fun it is to do antique and Vintage  shows.  Meeting people who love what you love is the best!!  

Above you can meet Clam, he is an artist with reclaimed wood!!
His wife Margo gathers wonderful  midcentury modern goods too. 
This booth belongs to Vickie and Mark. 
The aprons hung like a pennant banner make me smile. 
This is Carla of the Co-op Chicks 
She makes these stunning light fixtures!  And you never need to worry about their safety. She's a certified electrician by trade! 
More goodies from the chicks, Carla's partners are Sherry and Denise. 
I had to run off for a bit during the sale, so I enlisted my friend Wendy to join the fun.   We split the booth down the middle. This is her half.  I've always loved the fun, bright vintage she's attracted to. 

... And here she is in person!! 
Up stairs was this vendor. I've done shows with her before, and she's super talented 
Love the pink CAKE letters in the corner, don't you? 
Keith, is a fellow dealer at Treasures and a sometimes Fleaology dealer.  He does lots of fun smalls. I love this chair that was decoupaged in a French novel!! 
Here are more of his smalls. 
This booth is Lizzy's, a Fleaology dealer who is new to Treasures! 

This is Denise of Vintage Pelican. Her booth always looks amazing. 

More Vintage Pelican booth shots 
This  booth is Tammy's, also a new vendor at Treasures!! 
And of course Jami the leader of the Reclaimologist group I belong to.  She amazes me with her vintage painted goodies. 
This is a picture of a new dealer's booth I met upstairs!! 
It was fun to meet Brooke, also upstairs.  I follow her on IG and was surprised when she mentioned this was her first time at a show!  I guess talent in decorating translates well into show set up. Loved it! 
And of course Jenn of 3 Dotters, owner of the show, always has an amazing booth. 
And last, but not least. is April James' booth space. She owns April James Interiors at 747 N on Main in Spanish Fork!! If you're  local its so worth a peak!! 

But all good things must come to an end, and the 3dotters Vintage show is no exception. 

My friend Nikki is all loaded out. It's hard to believe, but she set up a full size booth with just what she could pack in her car. She is the Rock Star of smalls!

Well that's it, hope you had fun at 3 Dotters! 

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