Monday, August 10, 2015

The First Annual Cowboy Market and Flea

Yep, here I am at the Cowboy Market and Flea held last Saturday in nearby Pleasant Grove.   
Ran into all kinds of shoppers, including these cute Hipsters, though they denied being Hipsters, but then my kids tell me Hipsters always deny it. 
Some of us may not be hip, but we all had fun. Here I ran into my friend Julie whom I've not seen in 10 years. Wahoo! 
Cathie Cox's booth was amazing as always. 
I even ran into a Treasures customer whom I'd just met that week, her name is Debbie and she works with the new Black Sheep Flea, whom I'd met at the last Vintage Whites sale in Salt Lake City. 
Oh and my friend Joanne was there too, Cathie's booth was a happy place!!  
And ... I loved this clever display of Cathie's, but then I often do. 
Another booth had this tea towel, so I snapped a picture and posted it on FB on Pyrex Pirates! 
Another dealer at Treasures who specializes in rustic and cowboy stuff brought these. 
... And dressed up for the occasion!! 
Here's another Treasures dealer, whose business name is Rusty Ranch, the perfect fit for the Cowboy Market! 
And these girls had an awesome red kitchen stool, just for me!! 
The venue was amazing.  
And the sale was great fun!!  It's the first annual too,  so I have something to look forward to next summer!! 

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