Monday, August 17, 2015

My Garden House on TV!

I had fun today in the dentist chair. Yes, yes I did. KSL Studio 5 aired the article they'd taped last month, today at 11:10 AM at the exact same minute as my dentist appointment. Fortunately My dentist is a good friend and watched my 3 minutes of fame with me!
I had made this Jane Austen banner just for the show.  Not that it takes much too motivate me to make a banner.
I'd brought out my dining table's 'tea things' centerpiece that I'd made using the reproduction mail sorter my son Trevor and his wife gave me for Mother's Day.  I tucked in some cookies and had put mint herb tea on to steep in the house, just in case.
Here I am at the side of the garden house where most of my narration took place.

These two are the photographer and producer of the piece.
At the last minute the producer, Jane, suggested bringing my grandchildren out for a tea party. I happened to be watching two of them that day and my son, Davin, had offered to come over and watch them during the shoot, bringing three of his own. None of them were dressed up, so I was surprised to see that they used this bit in the show. Still, even scruffy, my grands ARE pretty darn cute!

The girls weren't too sure about the whole thing ....

but what the heck, free cookies!

They finished off the segment with me reading the first paragraph of Emma to 3 year old Addie, as if, but maybe when she's older... 

If you'd like to veiw this on Studio 5, this is the link

If you'd like to see how we built our garden house it in this post


  1. You're a natural! It was a lovely segment and you made it look like you have tea parties and reading snuggles all the time, great job Paula!

    1. Well I do have snuggle reads all the time, but the books usually have pictures. LOL. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Paula, what a neat experience! Congrats! The photographer is my old neighbor! How funny is that. Enjoy your day. Jo

    1. Thanks, well then your neighbor us super talented. It was fun!

  3. I'm glad you included the link to watch it! I will visit there once my grandchildren go home...babysitting today!

  4. Thanks Shirley, grandkids certainly do add to our lives!!

  5. Congratulations! Looks like it was a fun day~