Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black and White Vintage Kitchen

Well we're pretty much done with our kitchen.  I will start with pictures of the west wall and go clockwise around the room. 
The white cabinets make it so much brighter. 

It's been fun to gather my ironstone and other white dishes to display them.  

Above you can see the ceramic tile Mr P laid last week. 
My mug collection's been complete for months.  It is between two doors on the north wall.
It was fun to paint and letter this cabinet to use for my own dried herbs.  
The top of the east cabinet gets large wire goodies and an old breadbox ...
The stove is a reproduction and is electric. It's the reason I didn't go for an all white kitchen. I love this stove. It's perfect for my historic house 
I redid the old breadbox today in an attempt to give it an  vintage farm look. I used a graphic I found at Graphic's Fairy   Along with my pencil scribble back tracing method. I describe the method in this blog post. 
It was a rusty mess when I found it and I used selective spray painting to leave some wear and patina. 
There it is on top. 
Now we are looking at my rolling island against the south wall.  It's hard to see that this wall is brick as so much of it is covered.   Here is the makeover blog post with before pictures too.
The island was made from an old beadboard cupboard to which we added a drop leaf top, casters and a couple of sets of old drawers. 
My dear Mr P stripped the south wall of its plaster, tile and beadboard layers for my Christmas gift last year, because that was all I asked for. True Love! 
This is the south most part of the west wall. 
Last of all a more complete shot of my whiteware collections 

Thanks for coming along and sharing my happy remodeling celebration. 


  1. I love your vintage kitchen! From the scalloped trim over your stove to the way you've added a shelf and corbel to your double window- I love it all!

    1. Thanks Vickie, you have such good taste, that is high praise, it means a lot!

  2. Oh, Paula, I am so happy for you! Your white ware would make Martha Stewart cry with greed! It's so bright and beautiful! I just love it!

    1. Thanks Shirley! Not sure my whites are as good as hers, but I can afford mine, right?