Monday, September 21, 2015

Industrial and Steampunk Decor Tour.

I happily ran into my friend Marci while out junking, which was a happy accident, one day last week.  Since she lives near the store, where we met up, she invited me to come over and see what's new at her house... 
... And if you've followed me for long you know that with Marci there is always something new!! She is now decorating in an Industrial ala Steampunk style, that I love. 
Most of these pictures are from her living room.  Note the rusty corrugated wall covering on this wall. 
She's basically using orange and black, since they are the industrial colors  when you take rust into account. 
And here's a fine collection of trophies for me to covet. 
A friend made her this light fixture from an old industrial glass tube! 
Of course old books and white busts are right up my alley. 
The Victorian  explorer represented. 
Craftsman style and shop storage with an early phone, complete this vignette. 
Another favorite spot is her primitive bookcase with more old leather tomes and clocks too!! 

Industrial metal cubbies filled with machinery bits seems like a great combo. 
Her dining Chandy with a metal cage! 
Spiked flower frogs to hold old photos. 
And matching vintage door knobs and back plates grace her cabinets, she said it took her years to collect enough of the doorknobs. . 

Her table is amazing, and I love her center piece, a dog bowl filled with industrial sized nuts and bolts. 
Here is her nod to medical history, happily some of it good old fashioned quackery fun 

I loved her use of cubbies with her fine bits of, some are somewhat shabby, European and American antique lace. I might have to steal this idea!! 
Thanks for the lovely afternoon, dear friend. 
I loved meeting your friend Oliver! 


  1. HOW! What an amazing collection and put into perfect order. Thanks for sharing it Paula. Jo

  2. Hey Paula,
    Isn't Marci's house amazing!! I love it, she is the ultimate decorator. She works so hard to get everything just the way she likes it. Oliver, not Max lol, it the cutest. I hope she told you the story about how she got him, it was meant to be. The pics are great, thanx for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I knew his name wasn't Max, but was using that as a place holder, as I couldn't remember his real name. And yes I heard the whole story of how she found him. She's so compassionate. Bless her heart!