Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Smash Book Fun!

It was craft day again today ... And very little makes me happier than crafting with friends.  We are making smash book pages to share with each other for a Christmas book this year.  This page is Joanne's. 

We really dig in and spread out. We tell stories and share embellishments!  Jann hosted us again, and her imaginative  decor sparks wonderful creativity! 

Jann did these two pages ... Who knew digging through scrabble letters for elusive 'K's could be so much fun!! 
We are saving space on half our pages to add our favorite holiday photos! 
And we have chosen to use a vintage theme! 

These are my two pages... 
I thought I'd share our inspiration. Jann and her sister-in-law Laurie used the share method to make this Halloween smash book .... 
It's not hard to see why both Jann and I were enchanted ... 
These girls are just amazing. 
Laurie will be contributing pages to this project too! 
We will meet her next month when we get together to share pages and make our covers! 
So much fun!  
And I'm learning so much from these talented girls!  

Thanks for coming along on yet another crafting adventure!! 

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  1. Seeing the pages all laid out I must say, they look so cute! Can't wait to put them in our books and add photos. Love having you gals over for crafting fun!