Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mad About Banners! Crafting Fun!

A few weeks ago on a girls' day out with Jann, Ann, and Joanne we decided to have a craft day and make banners. (Maybe I should change my name to Paula Pann!)
Jann loves banners as much as I do, which made her home the perfect spot! 
You probably noticed all her pennant banners in the post I did about her craft room! 
She has them everywhere!  It's like I say, a pennant banner makes everything a celebration!  
How cute is this tiny one? 
Ann had finished up and headed to her next scheduled event before I thought to take pictures, but this is Jann and Joanne. 
This is Joanne's banner completed and in place at her home, since hers said 'nest'. The rest of us did 'Peace on Earth'
Here's Jann's. 
And Ann's 
I strung mine on ruffled ribbon at work... 
And hung it across a display for pictures! 
I'm so happy with it. The motto seems so important right now. As we all pray for peace on earth, and those effected by the violence in Paris last week. 

Thanks for coming along. 


  1. I always love your banners! So many great and quirky ideas!

  2. We are banner buddies for sure! Both love them and how fun are they to make?