Monday, November 30, 2015

The Darling's Christmas! Peterpan!

I spent the better part of the day setting up this Christmas tree and display for the PCMC Festival of Trees.   It's a fund raiser for our local children's hospital, Primary Children's, and every dime raised goes to pay hospital bills for charity care. There are no administration costs. 
The ornaments are ideas I found on Pinterest, with a bit of theme tweaking. 
This year the theme was Peterpan.  
The ladies in my service group, 'We Can' did the ornaments ... 
At our monthly meetings. This one took one lady 2 hours to produce, after our meeting I tried to beat her time. It took me two hours too. That's why there are exactly 2 on the tree! 
Everyone's favorite were these peeking Tink in a lantern ornaments 

My friend Joanne donated 3 Tinks to the effort!  
Of course I managed to work some banners into the decor!! 

Michael's bed! 
Johns bed. My friend LaVern made and donated the darling quilts and matching pillowcases! 
Here's Tink number three reading one of the half dozen copies of Peter Pan ... My friend Carolyn donated half of the books!  

... and here's the girls who helped me make it happen!! 

I'd also like to thank my hubs for putting the beds together, assembling the tree and framing the window!!  He's the best. 


  1. FANTASTIC!! LOVE every bit of it!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  2. So wonderful Paula. Doing a child's bedroom like that would be so fun. Jo

  3. Your group outdoes itself every year!! I love it!