Monday, November 2, 2015

The Best Halloween House Ever!!

Hi all ... I know, Halloween is over and you are sick of it ... but if I don't post these amazing pictures now, I will never post them ... they will go down the drain of life, and I will never remember this wonderful Girls' Day Out!!

To start, this is the same house that I took pics of a few weeks back, when I was invited to a tea party at this house ... Kim is an amazing artisan ... she sells in local gift shops, and has many followers who collect her vintage and vintage-look crafted goodies.  Yes, I'm also a groupie! 
 Because after hosting around forty of us at tea, she got so many comments of regret on Facebook, Instagram, by email and in face to face encounters, she decided to host an open house ... is she accommodating or what??!!
 Given that, a few of my Utah County blogging chums decided to check out this open house of amazingness.  I tagged along, because really, there is so much to see that my 90 minutes there two weeks ago was clearly not enough!!

 I hope you're enjoying these pictures of Kim's fun decorations and general decor!

We ooh-ed and ah-ed and sipped spiced cider ...
 but before we knew it, it was time to go ...  she said she'd loved having us to visit, then said "You know, you can have anything you want, as far as I'm concerned!"  Happy Day, I misappropriated her remark and  ... told her my true dream was to check out her craft studio!!

Isn't she just the best?  The studio was all I'd hoped, it has its own bathroom, and even a balcony, for a quick spray painting opportunity now and then.

Then it was off to check out her daughter's store; Retro Betty!! I've shopped Retro Betty at shows, and followed her on FB and IG for a long time ... but hadn't stepped foot in the door ...

Lets just say the store did not disappoint!!
 How adorable is this dress?  It was an award winning costume in the 40's, and with its crepe paper collar you can bet its not been washed ... just worn that one magical memory making night!  I think its stunning.  Of course there are a lot of vintage clothing that is very wearable, and repro 40 and 50's style clothing as well.

We finished off the evening at Zupas ... these are the wonderful women with whom I got to share stunning evening.

I'm sure you can see why I want to remember this amazing day out!!

So if you suffered through all this breathtaking, but belated Halloween goodness, I'd like to thank you!


  1. Wish I could have seen it in person...had a bit of a stomach flu. My favorite part is the circus banner...of course!

  2. Everything looks just wonderful! I can never get enough of cute Halloween decorations!