Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas trees for My Friends

After I finished our tree display I wandered around and snapped photos of my favorites. 
Chalkboard art, including a chalkboard look quilt! I bet Amanda of Black and White Chalkboards would appreciate this one 
Here's one for my friend Stacy!

I loved the stack of decorated suitcases, I'm dedicating this one to my favorite suitcase stacker, Wendy! 
This white on white shabby is just for me, especially the wash stand   
A little retro look for Jacqualine of Afterlife Vintage! 
This one is for my whole family! 
And how about this bark covered plot!

I took a picture of this plaid clad tree for my friend Jann who's going through her plaid phase, but it could just have easily have been for my own plaid yearnings. 
This tree scape is for my partying friends like Barb and Robin!  Elves Nigght Off!  For those who wonder what the eves do after Santa flies away! 
This one's for my friend and retired cop John Johnson ... Amazing! 
This is classic cozy, who doesn't love that? 
Loved the black and white 'Wisemen Still Seek Him'. Of course it's another just for me!! 
This bright colored toy tree is for my 19 wonderful  grand children!  
A little Hawaii for my favorite Hawaiians Randy, Trevor and Briahnna. 
And a world globe tree for Nell and Jenn of 3 Dotters too! 
How clever is this decopauged ball ornie!! 
Here's my personal favorite ... I'm dedicating it to the girls who helped me decorate!  Before the mannequins were dressed the designers stuck strategically placed items on them. My fellow decorators were shocked!  We had lots and lots of giggles about that! 
This woodland owl tree is dedicated to my owl loving sister,? Joyce, while the Mercedes elements are dedicated to our friends the Kews! 
This tree was our back door neighbor, I thought it was a fun peek at the reverse of our backdrop!!
And last I'd all I thought I'd save this picture of my favorite tree skirt for future reference. Thanks for coming along on my tree tour!! 

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