Friday, December 11, 2015

Amazing Christmas Ornament Wreaths

Just a little post with some gorgeous ornament wreaths that my friends and I have made over the years. 
This one is LaVern's. I love the traditional colors. 
The red one is Wendy's, it has snatches of other vintage Christmas items, like a grouping of jingle bells, and old Christmas light reflectors! 
How stunning is this second wreath of Wendy's with pastel colors? 
This one hangs on Joanne's front door. It seems to be made of sterner stuff!  Don't you love the beaded garland draped on this one? 
Last of all is my pink ornament wreath. I made it 6 years ago, and loved it so much that I left it up in my dining room all year that first year. 

I still love ornament wreaths. Maybe I'll make a pink and red one for Valentines.  ... Oops gotta go, I think I saw some heart shaped ornies out there .... Somewhere ...


  1. Your pink and silver wreath is my favorite...but I also love the one done in's amazing. My ornament wreath is covered with cheesy vintage ornaments, santas and toys with a few shiny brites added in. I made one for each of my kids also using ornaments that they loved or made in school. These kinds are filled with fun memories.

    1. That's awesome Shirley, I bet they are charming. Do you have them on your blog? I need to go and take a peek at them.