Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Home Touring.

I've longed to be part of an art group, for years!  Recently, after a lovely bloggers luncheon, and getting to know others who live close enough to make it work, I've seen my dream come true!  

We've worked on a couple of projects, and it's been so fun. As we talked about our various plans for Christmas decor this holiday home tour was born!! 
We started at my home, the farthest south of all. 
I got to use my cute West Elm salad plates for the first time, as I was serving a salad course. Polka dot mania! 
Here we all are, Me, Joyce, Jann, Ann Cathy and Joanne. 
Here is my piano with its white display!! 
Then we were off to Joanne's.   I did a Christmas house tour of her house last year, here on Pollyanne-reinvents, it was amazing, and I loved this year's offerings even more!!
Both she and I had birdcages in our trees!  What is they say about great minds? 
But as amazing as her house is, her play house is the best!!  It was windy that night, and she's straightening some of her lamp shades in the courtyard of her charming playhouse. I'm saving the playhouse pictures for a post of their own. Let me warn you, it is breath taking! 
She served and artesian cheese and bread course. 
Then we were off to see Joyce's house. 
Oh my!  What a charming nest she has. So many lovely displays tucked here and there!
I gasped at the loveliness of her bed!  Since I'm doing our Garret bedroom in this color scheme, I was absolutely smitten! 
This curtain treatment is made up of charming and sentimental bits of table clothes, her honeymoon night gown, an heirloom silk bed jacket and a sweet lacy child's slip!  Oh my!  I LOVED it.  She said she got the idea from Joanne's playhouse. 
Next it was off to Cathy,'s. She's a quilter and we loved seeing several beauties. 
She's also very sentimental and has many keepsakes, including this adorable hand made set of doll furniture... 
And this sweet hooked rug that was made for her when she was a child! How charming is that? 

Cathie had the soup course, and her pumpkin stew was delicious! 

Next it was Jann's, I love this chair and the door behind it! 

Jann's having fun with plaids this Christmas! 
What a stunning place setting.   She served meaty h'ordeuvres ... 
She has a red and white bedroom too, but just for the holidays!  Awesome! I adore her scalloped bench! 
Last of all it was ice cream pie at Ann's 
Loved her chalk art! 
And her mantel too! 
It was a wonderful evening! What amazing and talented women.  Merry Christmas all!  

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  1. I loved the tour and you spotlighted each home beautifully. I should have done this! I planned on doing each home. You were next on the agenda and with everything going on did not get posts ready to publish. Thank you for sharing you gorgeous home with us. Still drooling over your angels and that 'Tommy' stocking. :)