Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

Breaking bread at an Inn in Bethlehem... 
The table is spread with wool and burlap. There are wooden plates and goblets.  Tender fatted calf, assorted cheeses, olives and grapes .... and Hand thrown pottery pitchers are filled with 'new wine' aka, grape juice and 7-up. 
Shepards and travelers from afar gather to break bread together ...
A young couple with a tiny babe. Swaddled in a manger ... 
Then we share the nativity story from Luke and favorite carols around the piano. 
We started this tradition 30 years ago, with our then preschoolers as part of  a preschool co-op .... And just never quit!  For some reason most of my kids love it!  

This is me hoping that your Christmas was lovely, and that you are looking forward to an amazing new year. 

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