Monday, December 21, 2015

Fairy Garden Play House.

You may recall the house tour I did with friends a couple of weeks ago. 
At that time I promised more pictures of Joanne's charming cottage. You can just see the gable of the little house above the lines of shaded lights 
Inside it's just magical. 
Joanne is a master of decor, 
She has a wonderful mix of classical 
And whimsical that I adore! 
This garland of lacey strips is what inspired Joyce's wonderful heirloom clothing and lace curtain shown in the post about the Christmas House Tour. 
Here's the charming Christmas tree. 
And a closeup of the China in the child sized cupboard. 
The pennants strung with twinkle lights are a favorite for me, not surprisingly. 

I hope you enjoyed a few of the details of this charming tiny abode, I know I did!  

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  1. Yup, it's truly magical!! I had plans to share everyones home and time just got away from me. :(