Sunday, December 6, 2015

Breakfast in Bethlehem

Come along with me to the market in Bethlehem and have breakfast! 
The townspeople begin to gather ....  

A boy buys bread for a penny at Ruth's Bakery ... 

People line up for new wine and fruit juices at the Bishop's 'Winery'. 
There are fresh fruits at the fruit market ... 
and savory meats at the meat market too! 
I'm just glad they subbed biscuits to go with the gravy at 'Ye Olde Bethlehem Inn'
One young wife, separated from her loving husband, somehow finds a way to communicate with him far away... (He's on a humanitarian trip in the Himalayas.) 
The Bishop's is able to talk to him too...
Many of the towns' people wear elaborate garb ... 

Some not so much. 

This Sister even sports an anachronistic arm devise!  ... and I'm not the only one preserving memories! 
Everyone is gathered to see a historic pageant! 

The Inn Keeper share's his story .... 
The Village Children join in sacred song!  
The Shepards add to the story ... 
And three wise travelers tell what they saw! 
Mary and Josroh share their experience ... 
And then a rendition of 'Mary Did You Know' that was so stunningly beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. 
The Villagers were mesmerized ! 

Last of all, my dear husband concluded the program! 

I wanted to give credit to the master minds who made it all happen... They are members of the High Priest Group leadership (the men's group in our congregation) and their help meets. 
Another help meet, 
And her husband, whose doing a bit of help meeting himself, helping their daughter wrangle her youngsters.  

The others are the innkeeper and the baker, already pictured, they round out the group of worker bees who did such a great job! 
... And just a few more fun pictures of villagers .... 

And a picture to represent villagers who came dressed as time travelers, like me! 
I also had to share this anachronism. Everyone's favorite history professor shows the mountain climbing staff he used climbing mountains in Japan, the year I was born ... It was branded for a farthing (or something) at each site!  
It was awesome and now you know just when I was born! 
Last of all, our bishop poses, in his awesome costume, with one of garden slaves I bought last spring at the Girls' camp fund raiser.  I've so come to love these girls (Did you notice this is the third picture I took of her?  Her compatriot missed the event, and I missed her 😔) 

Thanks for coming along to Bethlehem. I hope it will help you remember the reason we celebrate Christmas, I know it helped me! 

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