Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Patriotic Mantel Decor and More

It's hard to believe that the Fourth of July is this week!  I mean that's like mid summer!  Of course the near a hundred degree temperatures should have been a clue ..

I guess I best share my patriotic decor while I can!  

These French peasants somehow take on a Colonial look when old flags are placed in their keeping.  

I love this banner I made a few years ago honoring our family's vets! 
My Husband writes home from basic training. 
His Grandfather lead a band throughout the pacific during WWII.  
My father was a captain, also in the South Pacific 
Forty Eight star flags are always fun. 
As is this fun Victorian art patriotic button that I found at Retro Betty's in Salt Lake City 
Another patriotic banner from another year. 
And the amazing award ribbon  my friend Kim crafted last year!! 
Here's a sweet close up 
Then in moving to the dining room, my ancestral paper pennant banner gets gussied up for this the holiday with a fun red, white and blue tissue garland, some American flags and of course a red, white and blue British flag banner to honor my English anscesters!   Thanks to Amamda at Retro Betty  for sticking the patriotic tissue garland! 
This is my dining room mantel. 

This cutie of an Uncle Sam was an art group production. This weekend I'll share a post of our group making them!! 


  1. I love it all Paula! Your peasant couple do look darling with the flags and I love all of your banners and buttons! Of course your junk art Uncle Sam is fabulous!!