Friday, June 10, 2016

The Antique Connection - Albuquerque

I guess summer travel means I've little time for projects (other than catching up on laundry) and parties ...  So I'm going to share yet another fun junking spot. 
This one is The Antique Connection it is in Aluquerque!  I loved these skookums!  Just what you'd expect!!  
The mall was of the tin warehouse variety, just like home!! 
And was filled with much the same variety of goodies as Treasures. 
I had to take a picture of the vintage sheep for my sheep loving friend Jann.  
And I had to include these sculpy sheep, similar to those that Jann and I made in our art group!! 
There were also jars and jars of small junks, but unlike those I sell at treasures, you were required to buy the whole jar!! 
There were some fun local goodies, like this antique tin Christmas tree, probably made in Mexico ... 
The charming tin ornaments are permanently attached. 
And this antique paper mache mermaid 'child's mask' was stunning. The child's torso fits in the middle of the 'mask'. 
I loved this uniquely crafted crow!! 
Funky old toys and 
Shining like new silver plate!! 
But this dealer stole my heart!  

I was so very tempted by these brightly colored salt and pepper sets!  In fact the only thing I actually bought at this fairly pricy mall was a small lidded pitcher that is orange with white polka dots from this dealer. 
Of course there was  the good guy stuff every good antique mall needs!! 
And this spendy but  extensive bedroom set was stunning. It even had four matching card table (not the more modern folding set that now holds the name) chairs. 
With its original painting!  

The mall was amazing, and other than the fact that it was literally made up of  half  locked glass cases, I loved the experience. So look them up if your ever traveling through New Mexico. You can thank me later!! 

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  1. Hi Paula, what a wonderful place to shop so full of great pieces. I could have taken several things home. Have a great weekend. xx Jo