Saturday, September 10, 2016

Halloween Shadow Boxing Magic!

So, shall we peek in on my creative friends as they create?
Here Kim works  on her doll head shadow box. It was her craft choice this month, and they all turned out to be darling. 
Trina works on hers, which she'll use as a photo frame ...

Shirley was speedy and finished first ...
How cute is this?  
Margo is seen here with her shadow box for Halloween. 
Shirley had made a cat head and pumpkin head and put the extra head to use as the rest finished up!! 
Here's Trina's frame, can't you just imagine a picture of children in costume in the middle? 
Marg's is crammed full of Halliween surprises!! 
Kim says she'll add long spindle legs and hang hers on the wall!! How perfect. Please note the skeletal hands hanging from springs!!  Yes, I drilled the holes!  ( in case you were wondering what I was doing 😌

Jann fitted out a shadow box frame she had ...,
And says she plans to add more dimentional elements!  I think it's already aforable!! 
And while these crafters were creating  Ann was mending (yes, she's awesome like that!) and Joanne and I were chatting!  Yep!  My crafting goodies are boxed up. To make room for my son's family to live here while I spend 18 months in Finland in a mission for our church!! (yeah) 

Joanne's just not a fan of Halloween, though she does  look fabby dressed as a witch, just saying. 
Here are the fun boxes, as cute, varied and magical as the talented women who made them. Thanks for hosting Jann!! 

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