Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fleaology Once More

My busy life .... Included our last Fleaology of the year last week!  I always love Stephanie's booth. 
Here's my booth set up at Olson's Garden Shoppe, our new year round venue! 
I loved these sweet berry baskets of vintage oranaments! 
And large busts are always a favorite for me. 
I also had lots of Lavendar glass. 
C and S coop brought this fun old red nesting box with the galvanized roof!! 
Saturday morning and here come the customers. This gal has some pretty classic finds 
All the dealers have booths full of wonder!  
My friend Keith's booth always manage to charm me. 
How fun is this galvanized roofing back drop. 
More of Keith's goodies. 

Smalls to die for. 
I thought this box of base balls was fun in Chuck's booth. 

And Kimberly's rebound children's books are always fun. I got a Pokemon notebook for myself, with Pokemon cards for boards!! 
I thought this antiques wicker table of Dianna's was super charming ... At the end if the day my friend Wendy carried it off triumphantly! 

Jami of Jami Ray Vintage always has a trendy set up!!  
I loved this cupboard. 
We had a great day ,.. Nell and I were exhausted by the end of it, but once our booth was pulled down and loaded we felt a sense of accomplishment!!  

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  1. Always a fun time! I will miss you hosting it. Love the wicker table Wendy snagged!