Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Junking Joyfully at 3dotters!!

Last weekend I had the ultimate junking indulgence.  I helped my friend Lyn set up at 3dotters, everyone's favorite local show. 
Lyn is a blast and it was so fun to help her and her cute daughters hauling in the goods!!  She's a widow who specialized in huge, heavy furniture!! Yep, she's a rock star!! 
Here's Jenn joyfully laughing with dealers on set up day!  Her laugh is so contagious, and typifies the fun it is to do her shows. Before this weekend I've done them all!  But since we leave for Finland in two weeks, it seemed impractical!  
I was surprised and delighted to see that Vain and Vintage had joined for the first time. When Jenn and I were doing Fleaology together, before she set out on her own, we visited this wonderful store in Pocatello, Idaho on our way to Farm Chicks. Jenn and I, as well as Wendy and Cathie, we're all stunned by its shabby elegance!!  I'm 
And here they were in Utah for 3Dotters...
A happy surprise!! 

Theses are shakers of German Glass glitter!!  
Vintage jewelry.  
Pump organ pulls (I've yet the figure out a use for these charming bits of history) 
Cash register flags 
And door knobs in the funnest rotating bins I've ever seen. (OK, most fun 😋)
Cute watch bracelets too! 
And my 'piece de resistance', doll parts for crafting ... I got a few the next day when the market was open!! 
And here I am back on Saturday, to meet up with Wendy and shop!  The goodies even over flowed to the grassy area in front of the old rec center in Pleasant Grove!! 
Loved this spooky set up that welcomed me to Stephanie's  booth. 
She a former store owner and long time Fleaology dealer. 
I loved this olive bucket turned light fixture!! 
Another rusty must!! 
But my fav was this metal chair.  And she had a pair!! 
Here Logan is in charge of the booth for The Copper Hive a local retro shop! 
I was pleasantly surprised to find that these two junking friends not only know each other, but are also friends!!  How fun is that?  Yeah Jannine and Laurie!! 
They do such fine work!! 
Hello Mr Scare Crow!! 
Of course Clam and Margo's booth is always a favorite!! 
Clam's retro sign painting and weathered wood designs are his signature!! 
Here's a cute booth!  No idea of the proprietor but memory worthy none the less!! 
Here Wendy shows off her vintage find and  meets my friend, Joyce, who is also a friend of Jann's who missed 3dotters to eat pie in New Mexico, yeah, I don't understand either. 😊
And here she meets up with Marci!!  Another longtime junking Friend!! 
This charming and ethereal booth was done by Jackie, a new junking friend!! I found the most fabulous antique painted tray tucked in the back here and for just $17, when she said my lucky number was her best price I knew it was meant to be!  I plan to use it in my English Cottage parlor after our sojourn in Finland!!  

This charming space belongs to Jill, another new dealer for me to meet!! Talented lady, don't you think? 

Here's Chris, a dealer at Treasures I've gotten to know well 
And another unknown but fabulously talented dealer'sbooth. 
My friend Nikki brought smalls, which is good because she was upstairs!  She said she'd made 70 trips up those double height stairs to load in...  I wish stairs weren't such a bugaboo for me right now!! 
I felt lucky to be able climb them once, just to see her fabby  collection of smalls!! 

Such fun for smash books!! 
And of course we can't forget Keith's booth!  
So many amazing smalls. 
And, as you know, I love his display work!  
He's partial to old ironstone platters for gathering smalls, and yes, we have wrangled over a few of those in our day!! 
Such happy colors... 
It was a fabulous show. Jenn just keeps going, getting better and better dealers! I'll miss shopping her show for the next year and a half ... But who knows what joys I'll find in Finnish junk shops in the meantime!! 

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  1. Well, it looks like it was a fabulous show to me!! I loved your fun comment about me eating pie. lol! I have been to that store in Pocatello and loved it as well.