Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 35th Annual Primary Children's Hospital Benefit or Back to the 70's!!

Yes, its that time of year again.  Once held on April Fools day for a reason.  The Primary Children's - KSL Radiothon's culminating event.  We have attended since 1993 when Scott was first asked to fill in for Ken Macey, the then CEO of Macey's Food Stores here in Utah. 

Its a wonderful cause and it became 'Our' cause.  Every single dime donated to this Radiothon actually goes to support charity care at the best Children's Hospital in the west.  In the early days, the Radiothon AND the culminating 'Celebrity Dinner' were held in the KSL offices.  But for the last several years both have been held at the hospital.  If you read my post about the radiothon, you know that children from the hospital come into the radiothon along with their parents and tell their stories.  The kudos to the hospital they bring are just awe inspiring.
So here you see Scott and me with two of our daughters.  Rebecca (child #9) and Emily (child #8) pose in their 70's finery.  Scott is wearing a tux that belonged to his father in the 1970's  which he wore in Barbershop Chorus competitions.  (Can you tell that Emily is expecting, but not quite showing?  She is having a girl and is naming the baby Rebekah after her little sister, how adorable is that??!!)

Here we see our friends Randy and Barb, just back from the hors D'oeuvres buffet along with Radio personality Grant Neilson of 'Grant and Amanda' fame.

Briahnna with her husband and my son, Davin.(#7)  The word on the street is that Bri is the daughter-in-law that I handpicked, as I got to introduce her to my son, knowing he would be smitten, and he has been, ever since.

This is my son Ben (#6) with his sister Emily (#8) showing off her amazing 70's eyeliner.  She definitely missed her true generation!!

This is Nell, she is a professional photographer (and probably struggles with having an untrained, photocrapper for a mother-in-law).  She is shown here with her adoring husband, my son Trevor (#5) BTW Nell does absolutely wonderful things with her camera, and I could not have hand picked a better addition to our family ;-)

When the invitation asked us 'what we were doing in 1977' Jeff and Robin went literal and came as characters from the life altering movie that came out that year.  (See I don't even have to tell you what they are dressed as!)  BTW Jeff and Robin won a wonderful award for wearing this costume, the only couple in our group of 7 couples to win this year.  If only our friend Jenn had made it, she wins EVERY YEAR she shows her creative face!  Part of Jeff and Robin's award was a box of 'Asian Chicken Helper' ... who knew the 'helpers' had gone international?

Scott found a kindred soul at the dinner.  This gentleman actually won an award for wearing his sherbet colored tux! (No Asian Chicken Helper for us :-(  )

Here we see my son Trevor (#5) with his hero Greg Wrubell.  Greg is KSL's sports caster for BYU.  Let's just leave it at that.

I forgot to mention the shortest and cutest member of our party.  Meet Elias, he is Davin (#7) and Bri's baby.  Isn't he adorable in his retro plaid?  My friend Barb was just one of several of us who took turns laying claim to him during the two hour long dinner and program.  Such a sweet boy!

And last, but definitely not least, we see Lee Pocock and wife.  Lee was one of the two people who conceptualized the KSL-Primary Children's Hospital Radiothon back in 1977.  A few months ago, while cleaning out closets his wife ran across the outfit he wore to the first Celebrity dinner.  Here he sports his Pendelton Wool pant set.  Please note the matching cuffs on his jacket sleeves.  (His wife said, "No one could throw out a Pendleton.", and I am inclined to agree!)

If you are local to the Intermountain west, the Primary Children's hospital has probably touched your life for good at some time.  Watch for the Radiothon next Spring and make a generous donation, it just feels good!!

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