Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emily Margaret Perkins Talley; Psychology B.A.!! YEAH !!!!!!

Well here's Emily's cheering squad, all ready for the BYU commencement to commence ... Emily's niece Kim represents her Mom Emily's sister Ashley et al.  Ben represents himself and came bearing gifts, and lots of love even though another engagement (we can always wish) meant he had to leave before actually seeing Emily walk!

Sam was the official saver of seats, which was greatly appreciated, as it turned out that traffic coming south was a nightmare.  Scott and Grandpa Perkins got caught coming down and made it just in time to see Emily walk .... They were pretty sad about missing the speeches too!

Ben Entertained Kim by doing some of those 'hold the camera and take a picture of yourself' pics. He is always good for a good time!
Scott and Grandpa didn't make it until after Ben had headed  out for his date, and Trevor and Nell and family didn't make it until after graduation.  Still we all had fun getting together and celebrating the wonder of actually seeing our first child walk in a College Commencement ceremony.  As when Trevor graduated he chose not to go through all the pomp.  We now have two of our 10 children who have graduated from College. Emily's degree is in Psychology and she plans to go back later and get a masters, or better in Linguistics, her first love.             Sometimes we wonder why our children are so reluctant to get done with school, then we remember the example that we set in our own College Educations.  I graduated while pregnant with my eighth child, and Scott graduated after our ninth was born.  Hmmm, I guess they see higher education as part of living life. Which really isn't a bad thing, is it?                                                                  

The Woman of the Moment!! Yeah Mrs. Emily Margaret Talley!! Psychology BA

Here Kim presents her with the flowers and the candy lei that Ben brought for her.
And here is the graduate at the Pizza Oven with her sweet husband, for whom she will play the supporting role in two weeks when he graduates in International Business from the U!

 A celebratory congratulations kiss ... for the girl who suffers from morning sickness all day long and who was worried that she might have to run out of her commencement!  But Super Girl overcomes once more!

It is fun to remember that I was pregnant with her when I graduated from college!  Maybe that is what made college so important to her, hearing lectures in vitro? (I actually got pregnant with her when I was doing my student teaching in third grade, so maybe not....)

 Here are some pictures of the celebration!  Lots of fun and laughter, especially with four of our active and hilarious grandchildren there to entertain us while we waited for the food to arrive.
                    Sam seems quite entertained watching J. Scott, Kim and Eva Jean don't you think?
                                            And Trevor's wife Janell, just takes it all in stride!
     Here's Grandpa Carlo ready and willing to throw his support out there for his grandchildren at any time!!  (The funny thing is that we realized that all five males in our party were oldest sons.... interesting, eh)
And here we are the whole party (excepting Eleanor who is snoozing just outside the picture bounderies.  Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate our Emily!!  We love you all!!

And here is the whole bunch of us, seven Perkins, two Talleys and a Hall!!

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  1. How fun! Congrats to Em! It is a great thing to be able to say you are DONE with college! :) And so nice to be able to do it before babies come! :) lol!

    I didn't even recognize the hubby at first! Beards hide all! :) haha

    Glad it was a great day!