Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Magical and Amazing Marci Reinvents (again)

You are about to enter a magical world, the world of my most excellent friend Marci.  A little background on this talented friend before we enter, however, is in order.
Marci pairs her talent for creation with almost boundless energy, which has always amazed me.  I remember once running into her at an antique store on a Friday afternoon.  She said that she had decided to redo her living room using a dramatic black and white palate, with French influences.   She asked me if I had any ideas for things that are black and white and antique.  I suggested one of my personal favorites, silhouettes.  At this point she did not own a silhouette, but agreed they would be a perfect element.  I knew that she was in her collecting phase for her remodel, and that even as fast as she is, that it would probably be a few weeks, at least, before she had it put together, but I jokingly said, choosing a day at random, "Well be sure to call me on Wednesday so I can come and see the finished project!"  Now I have known Marci through a number of remodels, and I knew that she was very fast, but imagine my SHOCK, when she did call Wednesday to say she was done with the remodel and invited me to come see the finished room, complete with a grouping of antique silhouettes.
Of course the room was divine!  I was so enamored of it, that I used to drop  by just to look at it!!  (I later asked for her help in a little parlor remodeling myself, and love the room she helped me put together!!)
OK, with all that said, lets go and see her 'new' bedroom.
I am starting with this sweet bust, as she is one of the few elements that made the cut to the new room, besides which I adore her hat!!  Marci's room transformation was basically switching from a French Blue and cream room, to a black and cream room.

This is a hall just outside her bedroom and it actually welcomes you to her new theme.  The wall behind the frame is decoupaged with pages from books.  She got the idea from another friend's blog, and used paint for her medium to adhere the pages.  She was not really satisfied with the final product, so when she did the same to one bedroom wall, she used watered down wallpaper paste, still adding some color with paint, but with a much more professional look. 

Here we see part of her new wall in her bedroom.  She used several publications, including a wonderful antique calligraphy book. 
An antique fireplace mantel shows off one of three mannequins in her room.

This is a closeup of the mannequin I gifted her after she helped me redo my parlor.  She has the magic touch, it turned out wonderfully.

This corner shows the other end of the decoupaged wall, along with a tapestry, a comfy chair, ah such a restful vignette!

This is the dramatic canopy treatment shown with the head of the bed and her 'so Frenchy' lamp shades.

And finally the woman herself.  She was having a sleepover with her darling friend Kim the day I came to see the house.  This picture was taken the next day at the antique show, thus showing again my mannequin, but I thought you would like to see her.  It was great fun to meet Kim who is an old college roommate!  Thanks, Kim, for sharing Marci!!  It was lovely to meet Kim, and as always a joy to spend time with Marci!!  Kudos!

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