Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Funky Jewelry from Spare Parts!!

I have been collecting bits and pieces of vintage jewelry for several years now.  Last fall I put about a dozen necklaces together that I sold in different venues, or gave as gifts.  When a friend came to the mall with a bridesmaid's dress of a friend of hers looking for a necklace similar to one I had made her, my stock was pretty depleted.  I offered to try to put something together to match her plummy purple dress.  This is the resulting venture.

The main medallion is actually two, one on top of the other.  The one item I had that was just the right color,  actually started life as a link in a Chico's watch band, but it was just not big enough to carry the starring role. But placed on top of a large vintage broach with the same color scheme, it was perfect. Unfortunately the broach had no way to be hung, and was in turn placed on a filigree piece.  A pair of wonderful flashy earrings took on the supporting role, flashing back alternately in the plum we wanted and also in the lime green that had became the accent.

Another pair of earrings, with similarly flashing, but smaller stones, completes the transition to the chain.  Plum and lime glass beads, along with some silver fittings, make a nice finial drop, and the matching earrings.

Here we see the complete ensemble.


  1. Absolutely stunning jewelry! Love it, and so glad I got to see it in person, too :)

  2. You always make the best stuff Paula! (*_*) xo

  3. Love this! Following you from tatertots and jello, stop by for a visit!

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