Monday, April 4, 2011

An Antique Show For Fun and Profit!

This past weekend was another one of those weekends, where I start out wondering about my own sanity (as I do the set up) and end up in a good mood. (as I count the money!)  Here we are at the end of set up last Wednesday, ready for the show to start Thursday, running through Saturday.

In this picture we see a doll, an unusually small electric fan, a shoe form, and a brown suitcase, as well as s snippet of a silver loving cup, all of which sold at the sale. 
This picture shows our 'toy' area.  I do the show with an easy going man named Bruce with whom I work at the antique mall, and who also comes and participates at our Flea Market at my historic house in Payson.  He is great to work with and I have learned a lot about what to bring to antique shows from him.

This is another area of our booth.  Of course I love to decorate, so there is actually some appeal for me in setting up an antique show booth.  Bruce pretty much lets me arrange the displays, even his stuff, and is even gracious enough to tell me that he appreciates me doing it.

The other thing I love about antique shows (aside from the money) is the lovely people I get to see.  Its like having a party without having to clean the house, send invitations OR make food!!

These are dear friends Cathy and Fred.  Cathy is also a vendor at my flea markets, and specializes in 50's linens and geegaws.  Fred found an amazing hand calligraphied bird with flairs in the fly leaf of this old text book.

Jennifer and her daughter Bronwyn came too.  I got to show Bronwyn my very, very favorite booth at the antique show.  The booth belongs to a doll collector and she has absolutely amazing dolls!  Bronwyn agreed and got to discuss her sock monkey collection with Karen the proprietor.  If you love good quality dolls, don't miss the next antique show up in Ogden, where Karen will next be showing her wares.  BTW Jennifer is also a vendor at my Flea Markets.  She makes amazing junque jewelry, fabulous crowns and usually has fun and interesting vintage items to sell as well.

Now when it comes to old friends these two are just the best.  Michelle and Wendy used to have a booth at Treasures Antiques, which is where we met.  Wendy has done my Flea Markets too, but that was in years past before she repented of being an antique dealer.  See, these girls are living proof that there is LIFE after dealing antiques.

Terry is a good friend who lives in my neighborhood, she is also a collector, though I haven't been able to persuade her to sell at my Flea Market, its not for lack of trying.  Terry and her husband Steve once shared an antique buying trip back to  Pennsylvania with us.  What a blast that was!!  Good times. (and oops, camera shy Bruce is in the background of this picture!)

And here are Kim and Marcy.  Both of them bought items in that first closeup pic.  Thanks girls!!

And last, but certainly not least, here are a pair of Beccas who came to see us.  Becca #1 is Bruce's daughter and Becca #2 is my daughter.  What good supportive daughters we have!!  (Bruce's Becca brought her boyfriend, and my Becca brought her son Titan :-))

So all in all it was a great show.  Lots of hard work to be sure, but very satisfying in the long run, and yes, we are signed up for Walter's Fall show!


  1. It was fun to go. Your booth looked great. I saw lots of treasures.
    I can hardly wait for the next show. Maybe may I sell at the next sale at your house?

  2. We would be absolutely delighted to have you. AND we are going to be having crafts items as well, so feel free to mix in some of your awesome crafty stuff!!

  3. It was great seeing you and Bruce in your element on Friday night. The booth looked great as always! Looking forward to collaborating with you this flea market season my friend...

  4. Looks like a fun show Paula...sorry I couldn't make it! Too much fun for me during the week made for a sick girl when I got home. :(