Friday, December 5, 2014

Angie's Christmas House

Angie is a vintage retailer. She's always on the look out for fun vintage goodies.   

So earlier this week I bought something from her on a Facebook vintage site.   Today I went to pick it up.  

It was so fun to see her cute decor, especially her faux cupcakes, which she calls 'cup fakes'. 
Since I am already looking for ideas for our a Festival of Trees tree next year I paid attention to how she used her cute cakes  on her tree. 

I think it's darling... So don't be surprised if you see cup fakes on my F of T tree next year, and you'll know why. 
... And here are a few other fun decor photographs

Thanks for sharing your cute Christmas decor, Angie.   


  1. I loved your Mad Hatter theme this year. I saw a darling kitchen tree that was in a red colander and decorated in vintage utensils and gingerbread...Cup Fakes would be cute on something like that. So many fun ideas!

    1. Thanks Shirley. It's so fun to do, the kitchen tree sounds fun too.