Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Christmas Tree

 So here it is, our finished Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed Christmas Tree for Primary Children's Festival of Trees!  

 The picture above shows our set up crew ... the tree isn't done yet, but a couple of ladies came up even though they had commitments that shortened their time with us ... which I appreciated so much, after all we are an hour's drive from home.

Cathy shows off her glittered face, after the Mad Hatter Tree Topped fell on her and glittered her well!!

Above is a close up of the Madder Hatter's Christmas Tea Party set up!!  I mixed and matched Christmas dishes with dishes in the solid colors of the tree decor.

I had tons of fun making this sign for the tree!  The green back ground is actually a piece out of the organ that I remade into a desk last summer.  Wouldn't it make a great jewelry holder with the rows and rows of little nails?

Above is an Alice gift basket with a couple of Alice books, the Disney DVD, and other assorted Alice goodness.

To the left is the glittered over sized hatter hat that attacked poor Cathy.
These are the giant mushrooms I found on Pinterest, made from metal mixing bowls with tree limb stems.  I made two sets and loved how they looked tucked under the tree.

 Each chair at the table had a hat on it to indicate which character would sit there.  This is the chair of the Queen of hearts, of course.  

To the left is the Mad Hatter's chair ... and since Alice didn't have any kind of a hat, she got a whole dress and pinafore that stands next to the wing back chair at the other end of the table.

Here are some close ups of ornaments, most of which we made at our  We Can group meetings, over the last year.

This picture is my best representation of the whole site, complete with the little iron fence and the green grass carpet that helps one imagine this is an outdoor event!!

Thanks for coming along to see our tree ... later this week I will share other favorite trees that I enjoyed when I went to the Festival of Trees the next day!!

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