Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fleaology Dealer in Romantic Country Magazine!

We have a couple of sisters at the antique mall who do amazing things with their booths!!

It was pretty cool recently to find out that one of them was featured in a national magazine. 
In fact this cute breadboard cupboard was the star of the show. 
This is the opened current Romantic Country Magazine's Flea Market issue!
Here is a close up of the same cupboard shown above, when Annette is set up at the Amazing Vintage Whites sale held last February in nearby Salt Lake! 

Annette changes out her booth here at the mall according to the holiday! 
Such cute and colorful chairs. 
Here are some more shots of her cute Christmas booth! Isn't the door above just amazing? 

This is the photo collage I posted to my pollyannareinvents Instagram account. Come follow me and I will follow you back!! 

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  1. What an honor to be featured in a real magazine! I love antiquing and am going to have to check out that magazine. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!