Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Tree Tours

 ... and here is the promised post of more trees I saw at the Festival of Trees last week!

This ice cream cone tree had to be one of the most unique I have ever seen ...

 and this Whoville and the Grinch tree was an absolute treat, probably my favorite of the festival this year!

 Below are a few more that I liked.

This was another Mad Hatter tree that we saw ... I thought it was pretty cute too.

 I always love the red and white color scheme ...
I thought the playing card garland was adorable as well, I did a tree that was all games back in the 90's ... I am going to be doing a book of all the trees I've done over the years for Festival of Trees, maybe I will do a post and share them, though I don't imagine it will be this year.

All white trees also appeal to me ... love the wings.

This tree has so many things I love ... birds, birdcages, nature and lots of red!

... and another sweet white tree ....

I thought this tree was commentable because it has all ornaments from Walmart, most of which are a dollar or two apiece ... I thought it turned out nicely.

...  and last, but I hope not least, is one more shot of our tree, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party!!  Thanks for coming along for the tour!

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  1. One word...Amazing! Your good works is one of the things I admire about you. You make the world a better place.