Monday, December 29, 2014

My Good Deed Adventure!

 This book .... yeah.  I received a copy of this book for Christmas the year before last.  It has suggestions for 'good deeds' for each day of the year.  But not always things I think of as good deeds ... like separate your recyclables or read a good book ...  then again, some things were what I considered good deeds, like taking cookies to a neighbor.

That first year, I just wrote down my own good deeds each day, ones that were always a service to someone else.  By the end of the year I had figured out that the good deed referred to doing good things, and sometimes those good things were for me.  That's when I decided to take the challenge and do the suggested deeds.  That meant going to Anthropolgie last Christmas time to buy another copy of this journal.

Early in January I just started thumbing through the book, which I was also using for my goal journal, to pick out ideas.  I dated each one as I did it.

Many of the things in the book I do all the time anyway, like smiling at a stranger, telling people their children are beautiful, being quick to apologize, reading and going for a walk.  Some things just didn't fit the way I live, like learning my barrista's name and calling her by it, since I don't drink coffee, I tweaked this one to be my waiter.

It was obvious that the list was made by people a generation and a half younger than me, as it had me sending pictures, stories and flowers to my mother and grandmother, etc. Instead I did the deeds but sent them to my children or grandchildren.

Some were a challenge like the one that wanted me to drop change in an expired parking meter.  We don't have change operated meters in Utah where I live, but when we were driving through New Mexico ...

By mid November, when I should have been down to the last 45, I still had a hundred and twenty five to go, so I put it in high gear and started doing more than one thing some days.  One day I did about 10 things, including drawing a hopscotch in chalk ... (do you see where I goofed?) 

... and hanging a bird feeder.

Some big projects, like my festival of trees tree including several items, like sewing a dress for a child, crafting something, donating money to a good cause, etc.

One day's suggestion was that I leave flowers on a monument for someone I admire.  Since a headstone is a monument, I did find my husband's great, great, great grandmother, Hannah Ann Dubois Dibble's headstone, in the same town where I work. I've always meant to do that, and now I have.

I was a little worried about shoveling snow, but we got some in the nick of time ... this is my next door neighbor's walk.

And I think my grands had fun going to the animal shelter.

I definitely should have done the impromptu picnic sooner, but thankfully I have a garden house with faux fireplace that really heats up...

... and a husband whose a good sport.

For the swimming suggestion, I took my daughter's advice and counted wading in the ocean in Texas with my girls back in March.

Then last but not least was this weird one that I just felt silly doing ... but I did it today.

Yes I did, I acted confident, and waved at cars as they went by.  Some people honked, some people waved, some people ignored me, and I was surprised to see how many people were on their phones ....

Still, it feels great to be done!  And sometimes along the way I had to go out of my comfort zone, which I think is almost always a good things.

Oh except the one I refused to do, just standing on principle.  I did not offer someone constructive criticism, because I do not believe there is any such thing.

Now on to a new year, and new goals ... I will tell you one thing I have finally learned, though.  The only way for me to even remember what my New Year's Resolutions are, is to keep a goal journal.  This was my third year to do it, and I doubt I will ever skip it again.  Daily accountability, even to yourself works wonders!!

 I hope you having an amazing New Year! -Paula


  1. My gosh, you have been a busy bee haven't you! Way to go Paula...that last one would definitely be a challenge for rock!

  2. LOVE this Post!!!!!!
    Great Advice ;)
    Makes me want to join you and try to be a better person!