Monday, June 6, 2011

1 WeEKenD + 4 ParTiEs = PerFecTiOn

 As Mr. Elton says ... A party is a party, but ...four parties on a late spring weekend .... OK, he didn't exactly say that, but I am sure his intent was similar.

So Party One:  Above we find revelers at my friend Bruce's 50th birthday celebration, to the left I join Rose and Julie, to the right Bruce and Judy!! It was great fun to celebrate Bruce's 'coming of age', as only the director of a nursing home can. I am not sure I have ever met anyone as universally liked as our Bruce, which was attested to by the standing room only crowd ... driven indoors by our crazy Utah weather!!  Happy Birthday Old Man!!

Party Two: Then back home where house guests from Idaho await game night fun!!  James is my son-in-law Sam's brother, Kristen is his friend from school at BYU-I.  The game turned out to be the longest in history, with the maximum 6 players coupled with EVERYONE'S general lack of luck the game went on and on ...

                  But we still managed to have a good time, the company being what it was!!

 Party three: On Sunday it was time for our bi-weekly family dinner.  We all enjoyed Dad's great homemade root beer, his potato salad and his fine barbecuing skills.  The only thing we enjoyed more than Dad/Grandpa's skills was the entertainment provided by several generations of Perkins.  Trevor and Davin took turns 'body surfing' the kids on the their feet.  It didn't go as smoothly with adult siblings however.  Then there was the fun baby eating contest.  You can see the finalists below.  Fine entertainment such as this kept us all laughing.
 "Hey, when you are done, can I have a taste?"

As brutal as the baby eating contest appears, we see above the happy survivor of being the main course, having fun with his Aunt Darby!
And then, if all other entertainment fails, there is always Uncle Sam's apartment size zoological gardens in the basement.
We got this cute picture, compliments of Nell, after the other two babies took their parents home.

Party Four: The culminating party of the weekend was cousin Megan's wedding to Robert.  I mean one can never really have enough Roberts in a high quality extended family, right?

 This picture shows Becca with three of her cousins, Mary, Kristen and Jill, all daughter's of my brother Clark.
 Here we see the mother of the bride, Shirley, my brother Doug's wife, with my nephew Ryan who is an articulate deep thinker.  He is my brother Bruce's son.

To the left are Ryan's parents, Dianne and Bruce with my husband Scott. to the right is the bride's sister Beth with her daughter Sagen, enjoying the moment.

And just in case you can't tell, Arlene, shown above with her daughter Hanna, is Shirley's sister.  Arlene holds the less enviable position of having been my best friend in college at the U of U ... and I still enjoy her just as much, though I don't get to see her as often.  Thank heaven we are somewhat related!!

 More mingling with those Larsen cousins, Nell and Trevor visit with Bruce's son Jon, while Becca joins forces with Alicia, the official wedding photographer , my brother Ross' youngest and Megan,the bride herself!!

 I like this picture of Aunt Darby with her sister Britt's oldest, Kai, and her sister Becca's baby Titan.  (Remember him?  He survived the baby eating incident the day before!!)
And last of all half of my darling daughters, Britt(2nd child), Darby (4th child) and Becca (9th child)

I had a wonderful weekend, and Scott even had a chance to have his fill of socializing with all the people he loves!!  After all, I am really just his cruise director, here to make sure he is having a good time, all the time!! 

GoTta LoVe wEekeNds LikE tHis!! I CeRtainLy dO!!

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  1. I don't think that I have ever met someone as on the go as you Paula! I'm sure you could make coffee nervous! LOL! Fun times...and Happy Birthday Bruce! (*_*) ~Stacy~