Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skip to the Loo and Tea Time Too!!

So if you are incredibly lucky, like me, you might have an adorable Commonwealthian for a friend.  If this is the case, one day your dear friend might, and I am making no promises here, but might invite you for a day of antique shopping and tea!! I know it does sound a bit like a fairy tale.

And if you go to tea, with your fair Commonwealthian friend, you will likely need to make a visit to the ladies room, especially if they bring you a whole pot of hot water to make your own tea!! But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself telling my tale from the middle.

So to start over, I will say, I brought along a pot of flowers which you can see in the picture above and left, on the bench of Stacy's porch. You might also notice the package ready to fly away to its new home.  Stacy has a marvelously romantic web site and sells treasures to people all over the world. http://stacysshabbyshoppe.com/

Next it was off to a large antique mall in Salt Lake called Capitol City Antiques.  I love, love, love and adore the people who work there, especially Linda, they are always so helpful!!  The pearl head lady sat on a shelf staring at us with her huge bug eyes ... sort of creepy but oh so funny!! http://www.capitalcityantiquemall.com/
 Of course after a couple of hours of searching for treasures, and laughing, and feeling stalked by the pearl head lady we were in need of a break, so we were off to the main event, tea at Elizabeth's across the street East of Trolley Square. http://elizabethsteashop.com/ 

As always, when finding one's self somewhere new, its great to run into an old friend, so finding a cute Nettie's Gnome Witch nestled into a cupboard, I felt right at home. (Several of her sisters live at my house!)

Of course a cute server with a lovely Commonwealthian accent also helps.  In this case that accent was formed in Liverpool, and he was an excellent server as well!

 Of course one must shop at the London Market following any successful afternoon tea and luncheon.  I was delighted to find lemon-lime marmalade.... and it was as yummy as it sounds.  I just wish I had bought two jars, and now when I go  back I will have to find their new location.  I guess its good they have a website. http://www.thelondonmarket.com/

Naturally since Stacy was sharing her favorite places I thought she would enjoy a trip to Hip and Humble.  I have been a fan since the days they resided in Sugarhouse. She thought the store was adorable, which really is the only thing one CAN think about this store.  I was particularly tickled by the display in the vintage fridge. The Popsicle recipe book in the back made me smile. http://www.hipandhumble.com/
And who wouldn't love to trip out in these sweet vintage red shoes ... If they had been pink I am sure that Stacy would not have been able to resist, especially with the London label!  Wouldn't that have been the perfect way to finish up our British appreciation day??!!
Just so you know, I adore my Commonwealthian friend of Pinkness.  Thanks Stacy for a fabulous day in 'Britland'.  I even found out how to pronounce Pasty (A yummy savory pastry shell full of any sort of delicious filling) , just so you know it 'past-ee', (as in it rhymes with nasty) so now I can stop embarrassing myself, and Bob's your uncle!


  1. It was a great day out with you Paula! Thank you again for sharing it with me! ~Stacy~ xoxo

  2. And why didn't you get those Fabulous red shoes??? Sounds like a great day out with a friend!