Sunday, June 19, 2011

Provo Historic House Tour!! Or Heaven on Earth!!

Before beginning, I have to give credit where credit is due and thank my friend Julie with whom I work at Treasures Antiques for her passing mention of the Provo home tour.  I usually do this tour with my friend Wendy,but she was out of town this week and I nearly missed it.  Julie's comment came the first day of the show, but I was able to rearrange my agenda to fit in the second day.  Good Times, so Thanks Julie!!

Of course to protect the flooring in the homes we tromp through, footies are a must.  I heard people complaining about putting them on, but seriously, if that is ALL I have to do to tour wonderful historic homes, feel free to 'dork me up' all you want!!
This is the first home we toured.  The decor was fun and international, and I liked the bits and pieces culled from someone's modern version of thier 'grand tour'. 

 I also liked the ethnic prints hung down the hall, and of course the stunning stair case. As you can see the woodwork has been lovingly refinished and was so beautiful. I am sure it was professionally done.
This next house was amazing, it had been built by the same builder that built the first one house we saw, but has a fairly unique history.  Though the home was built in the late 1800's the current owners are just the second to own the home.  How is that possible?  The previous owner, from whose estate the home was purchased was a child of the family that built and first occupied it.  Whoa.

The art in the home was a lot of fun.  The owners had framed and placed their children's artwork on the wall in the living room, along with the art work from a BYU student's final show, and a well known local artist.  (Well I recognized the name when the owner mentioned it, I just don't recall it now.)  What a happy feeling house.
This ancestral picture wall on the stair case is the nicest one I have ever seen.  The matted black frames allow the shapes and sizes of the family portraits to become a part of a new, dramatic black and white composition and I loved it.

I missed getting an exterior shot of the third house, but did get one interior shot.

This was the house of calmness and restfulness.  This bedroom serious beacons all comers. 

This outdoor living space belongs to the house with the restful bedroom, as you might have guessed.
This house is the same style our our own, Romanesque. It had been renovated into offices, but still had some charming details.

The tile work was wonderful.
The stair case and it's stained glass window were both stunning.

The house style of the last house on the tour is one of my favorites.  The 1930's cottage style.

When I saw the door, I really expected to find Goldilocks and the three bears inside, but alas the chairs in the dining room were all the same size.  The diamond paned windows, however, that surround the table on three sides are one of the best features of this house.

This is what the dining wing looks like from the outside.

Alas, this charming old home, though in line with the other homes on the tour, was not participating.  We can only hope that it will be on the tour sometime in the future.  And of course I am always looking forward to future home tours.  The Provo hosted tour is great because the home owners are, well, 'at home', and can be asked for permission to photograph, as you see.


  1. I am so bummed to have missed this! It looks like it was a lot of fun.

  2. Wow that would have been really fun to tour those houses. I love old architecture.

  3. Hey Paula...let me know when they are doing the next Historic home show, I love Utah county and would love to see. I usually miss the ogden ones.

    Oh and Marci Henich...what a RIOT oh my heck. Her husband grew up with mine, close neighbors! She came to the shop and I love her and her friend.

    Hope she is doing flea-ology!
    If not, we must beg and plead, right!

    finally got my computer to not be so touchy now I can visit your blog.