Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fleaologists Travel to Discover and Record Amazing Findings!! Not to be missed!!

A few weeks ago we got a message from a new friend, Brenda, who is interested in joining us for our flea.o.logy sales in the future.  After checking out her website for her store we were utterly charmed.  Then Brenda came by and introduced herself to Cathie and me at the Acorn Show.

We made plans to make a pilgrimage to check out her wonderful store, and this is what we discovered after a morning of estate sales in Salt Lake and before having lunch in Ogden at Jenn's Uncles diner, Hug-Hes!  What a great day for the fleaologists!!

So here we arrive at the store in Farmington, with the help of our remote navigator Fred.  Of course, if you know me, Brenda's store had me with the black and white polka dots and black and white stripes!!

The store front is inviting and beyond charming.  Evidently we are not the only ones who think so.  As we browsed the store we had lots of company, and Brenda was busy ringing sales through out our entire visit.

This is a sweet bird motif bottle that was another winner for me!!

I thought these 'pregnancy necklaces' were a lot of fun, reading, 'due in May', 'due in September', 'made with prayer', comments on the adorability of the coming offspring, etc, what a fun baby shower gift, but if you give it to a newly pregnant woman she will get more use and of course, more smiles and sharing of the miracle!!
 I loved all of the bird motif items, this wonderful work of art sits on a folded book, and what makes us feel more snug and at home than a bird on its nest.

More black and white and polka dots, and Laura's charming display caught my eye again.  I love the rolls of ribbon in the glass mug, sitting on a sweet metal and crystal pedestal.

I was also tempted by the yummy looking pretzels dipped first in carmel and then in chocolate.  And if that is not enough Brenda told us about a wonderful mom and pop bakery that is open only on Friday.   I bet she will share that info with you too!!

And last of all it was fun to see Brenda wrap up our purchases with flair.  I smiled at the use of the old scratched record which definitely makes a statement paired with lots of ribbon and a Just a Bed of Roses Boutique bag.

It was a lovely venture complete with everything that makes a day wonderful, friends, junquing, eye candy and a yummy lunch.  Does it get better than this?  I think not, thanks fellow fleaologists!


  1. This is an amazing store! I've been there several times and I love it! ~Stacy~

  2. Paula, it was so fun and suprising to have you gals come up and so neat of you to blog about the shop, we hope to meet the many people that follow your blog and Joni and I are setting things aside that we make and find for your Labor day Flea-ology sale...really we cant wait to be a part of it.

    we are re-inventing the shop this summer, it will be nice to rearrange for the fall season that we have to ready for in August!

    Thanks too Stacy for your nice comment, I was a follower of your many many years on ebay...but then opened a shop and I dont get around the internet like i use to.