Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Nursery Rhyme Fun!!

Ten Little Monkeys sitting on the couch,
if one falls off then he'll say ouch!!
(or All of My Grandchildren in one place at one happy time!!)

Jackie and Jill went up the hill ... no wait, oh yeah
Eva and Kim, just on a whim
went bowling at Jack and Jill!! Which by the way is NOT on a hill.

Nice Stevie Kew, whose thumb is in view,
no sitting in corners at all,
didn't stick in that thumb,
nor pulled out a plum,
because, oh dang, it was lemon Meringue
and that is the best pie of all!

 Then four MISTER Muffets, all sitting on Tuffets,
were at that great park in P.G.
They just jumped and ran, as fast as boys can,
cause they had the whole afternoon free!!

Then rub a dub, dub, three 'men' eating grub, a eatin' that old famous star. When what do you think? They were slurping their drinks and saying "What fine boys we are!!"  

              Eva, Eva ballerina, how shall you dance this noon?
 Will you jump up and down, will you smile or frown?
                   Or dance in the light of the moon, the moon,
                              or dance in the light of the moon.
                                        (Eva is on the left)

Ellie, Ellie, Punkin eater, had a cousin for a snack ... when that cousin grows up tall, he might give her a wack! (Elias, Titan and Eleanor)


  1. How fun to post your grandchildren, adorable and clever grandma to make up stories!

  2. I can't believe you got them all in the same room. Adorable post, very clever!